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The Burger Pocket Press is available for purchase. The concept of the press has taken well over a year to complete. I have developed seven different prototypes in an effort to figure out the right design. After completion of the right design, it was onto the patent, correct usage, packaging, and marketing. Designed my own logo then later hired a professional to redesign it, same for the website. Did all the legal, found the right plastic consultant and things just took off. And here we are today. I also made it my priority to have it made in the good old USA!

I came up with this idea watching Food Network. The TV host was making a stuffed burger with her hands (the old way). I said to myself there’s got to be a stuffed burger maker out there. I search that night for hours and came up with nothing. I knew this was something I could develop and get to the market. Have you ever had a stuffed burger? The flavor of the burger is incredible!

The Burger Pocket Press Stuffed Burger Maker will change the way you make burgers.

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