Stuffed Reuben Burgers Recipe

2PoundGround Beef
8Ouncesauerkraut (Drained)
8Sliceswiss cheese
1Cupbacon (Minced)
1 thousand island dressing
4 hamburger rolls
Before Stuffed Reuben Burgers
After Stuffed Rueben Burger

1. Follow your direction to make your stuffed burger with the Burger Pocket Press. 2. Fill your pocket with one slice of the cheese 3. Fill your pocket with ¼ cup of minced bacon 4. Fill your pocket with 1 TBSP of sauerkraut. 5. Now apply the top patty to encapsulate your condiments with the Burger Pocket Press. 6. Cook to desired temperature 7. Apply slice of Cheese before taking off grill and place on Bun. 8. Apply desired amount of Thousand Island dressing.
Prep time20 minutes

Here at the Burger Pocket Press the stuffed burger maker, when we make a gourmet stuffed burger and it is tasty, we will post it on our website to share with our fans. If you have a stuffed burger recipe that you would like to share please post by using our submit form. Let's all enjoy gourmet stuffed burgers.
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