Stuffed Southwest Burger Recipe

4 Servings
Prep time20 minutes
Stuffed Southwest Burger Recipe
2Poundground meat
8Ouncewhole corn
12Ouncecooked white rice
8Ounceblack beans
1Ouncetaco season
12Ouncemonterey jack cheese
4 hamburger buns
1. Take the 2 pounds of ground meat and place in a bowl. Sprinkle ½ of an oz. of taco season over the meat and mix in by hand. Once the first ½ of the season is mix in mix the other ½ in to the meat. 2. Follow your direction to make your stuffed burger with the Burger Pocket Press. 3. Fill your pocket with one TBSP of cooked white rice and press it with part #4 to push down the rice 4. Fill your pocket with 1 TBSP of black beans, 1 TBSP of Corn and top with shredded cheese. 5. Now apply the top patty to encapsulate your fix’ns with the Burger Pocket Press. 6. Cook to desired temperature 7. Place Burger on bun and apply cheese on top of burger.